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CBW RSS Feed: News & Announcements Upgrade Update
|CBW|Spive | Wed Sep 13th | 9:28 am

You may have noticed a new look on our front page....

Please be patient as it's still a work in progress - there are still a couple of links that aren't completed yet. You'll see the content start to fill out over the coming days as I am able to catch up on getting some old pages ported over to the new format and lots of new features too.

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BF2142 Computer Monitoring
Perfect Enemy | Mon Oct 16th | 10:06 pm

When you open the box, a big slip of paper falls out first, preceeding any discs or manuals. The slip of paper says, essentially, that 2142 includes monitoring software which runs while your computer is online, and records "anonymous" information like your IP address, surfing habits (probably via cookie scans), and other "computing habits" in order

Can't say I like this idea.

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Leafs Down the Sens
slydog1 | Thu Sep 21st | 9:37 am

The Leafs down the Sens 3-1 in first pre game meeting this year.


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Nintendo game controller sparks patent lawsuit
KOS | Fri Dec 8th | 9:09 pm

A U.S. electronics device maker has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo of America Inc., alleging the motion-sensitive controller for the video game company's new console infringes on its patent.
Interlink Electronics, Inc. of Camarillo, Calif. filed a statement of claim with the U.S. District Court in Delaware that alleges that Nintendo "manufactures, uses, offers to sell and sells controllers for use with the Nintendo Wii video game system that infringe U.S. Patent No. 6, 850, 221." The patent was issued to Interlink on Feb. 1, 2005.

Full story here:
Story here...

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Sharp develops triple-vision LCD panel
whipsaw | Wed Sep 27th | 1:51 pm

TOKYO, Japan (Reuters) -- Japan's Sharp Corp. said on Wednesday it has developed the world's first liquid crystal display (LCD) panel that allows the viewing of three different images on one screen at the same time.

The new LCD panel would, for example, allow the driver of a car to view a navigation system, the passenger to look at shopping and restaurant information and a person in the back seat to watch a movie, Sharp said in a press release.

Last year Sharp unveiled a panel that allowed the viewing of two different images. That panel is already being used in car navigation systems, Sharp said.

The world's third-largest LCD TV maker said its "triple directional viewing LCD" splits the screen light into three different directions, generating a different image depending on whether the screen is being viewed from the left, center or right.

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Jail Time for FPS Gamers?
whipsaw | Fri Dec 8th | 4:06 am

German minister seeks law mandating jail time for violent game developers, publishers, and players.

German virtual hitmen, among the most feared in the world, could soon find themselves behind real bars if the regional governments of Bavaria and Lower Saxony have their way.

The two states have drafted a bill that would subject developers, distributors and players of video games whose goal is to inflict "cruel violence on humans or human-looking characters" to a fine and a maximum of one year in jail.

Full Story

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Counter-Strike: Source Pistol Changes Coming
ShadowRam | Sat Dec 9th | 10:23 pm

It's been six weeks now since the community's purchase habits began driving the pricing of weapons in Counter-Strike: Source. As many of you have probably noticed, the price of the Desert Eagle has been increasing steadily and is now somewhat out of control. This is happening because the Desert Eagle is considerably more useful than the rest of the pistols -- purchasing one of the others is not a smart buy. We'll address this by making the Five Seven, P228, and Dual Elites more effective. The prices of all pistols have been reset to their previous defaults in preparation for this change.


(On a side note: I'm sorry Oski)
--> Advertising Coming To Counter-Strike 1.6

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Gary Jules - Mad World (Gears of War Commercial)
|CBW|Spive | Fri Dec 1st | 1:50 pm

What a killer song. I'll go out on a limb and say for many gamers, the Gears of War commercial featuring this song is the best gaming commercial ever and I'd put it right up there against any non-game commercial too.

Here is Gary Jules performing it live:


And here is the XBox 360 Gears of War commercial featuring the above song:


Comments (22) | Reads: 7308

Call of Duty owns The Office
|CBW|Spive | Sun Oct 8th | 3:58 pm

Call of Duty made episode 3 of Season 3 where it becomes a team building exersise. Check it out:


Comments (8) | Reads: 3246

Small Airplane (helicopter?) Crashed into NY Building
Duckie | Wed Oct 11th | 8:03 pm

It's on CNN now.

Comments (2) | Reads: 1789

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More Left 4 Dead Demo Info
10/18/2008 | 11:15 AM
Forum: News, Announcements & Features Posted By: DigiQ8 Post Time: 18-10-2008 at 03:06 PM
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10/18/2008 | 11:15 AM
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Forum: News, Announcements & Features Posted By: Hectic Glenn Post Time: 17-10-2008 at 09:49 PM Halloween Map Pack
10/18/2008 | 02:29 PM
Community member, bl4nk, has kindly informed us that the forum members of the community have pieced together a special Halloween map pack. They call it the "J2 Halloween Mappack 2008" and it contains maps from such authors as NIPPER, AlphaKennyOne, and Dr. Boo.
AlphaKennyOne brings you cs_silenthill based off of the popular Silent Hill series of survival horror titles. As you may expect, the map is full of dense fog.

Dr. Boo offers up de_fearmansion, where there are "lots of scares and creepiness" all around.

Finally, NIPPER presents de_haunts, a map based off of the popular Disney attraction, The Haunted Mansion. He says that it's a true remake of cs_spooks.

You can either download the map pack locally at Total Gaming Files (complete with additional screenshots) or from FPSBanana.
First Strike Mod Progress Update
10/18/2008 | 02:51 AM
First Strike posted a new update today showing some new screenshots from their recent beta tests.The First Strike BETA has been over for a while, and...
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10/17/2008 | 07:42 PM
A new beta version of a mod for Desert Combat was recently released called Desert Conflict Extended. Release NotesFixed bug which Broke Iraqs...
Forgotten Hope 2 - Fog of War
10/15/2008 | 09:47 PM
Forgotten Hope 2 posted some new renders today of the MG34, MG42, and Nebelwerfer 41.Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. We...

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